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Tea, Cake and Travel: a year abroad in Germany

The Joy of Sunshine.

The beautiful sun, first thing in the morning.

The beautiful sun, first thing in the morning.

A local newspaper reported recently that this has been the darkest winter in years in Germany. I don’t find that hard to believe. In many ways, it has been utterly beautiful. All the excitement before Christmas was only made better by the snowflakes falling and the crisp air biting your cheeks. After Christmas though, that magic disappeared. I watched them pack away the Christmas market that they had spent weeks erecting. The weather became grey and darka dn incredibly cold and I rejoiced when I heard a news report that the temperature would be a positive number for once. The novelty had worn off.

Being ill kept me in bed for a few weeks and when I finally awoke from my slumber, the days were impossibly short and the beauty of the majestic German winter had gone. All I could think about was spring and the blizzard outside my window kept me inside for days and reduced me to tears more than once. I felt like I hadn’t seen the sun for weeks.

Imagine my euphoria then when on Tuesday, I passed along Binderslebener Landstrasse and saw the sun rising through the trees. It reminded me of those nervous journeys I had to school in October when it was all new and I had everything ahead of me.

All I wanted was a paintbrush.

All I wanted was a paintbrush.

The weather was absolutely glorious and I spent the afternoon in and around town, sitting outside and eating ice cream at Domplatz. I can’t describe how elated I felt. Every problem of sadness I had had in my head seemed to disappear in a moment and the happiness washed over me in waves like the rays of the sun. Was spring really here?

There is still snow around to see everywhere. The huge piles of compacted ice might take a couple of weeks yet to thaw. It all doesn’t seem to matter anymore though. I have glimpsed the golden nature of spring. The crocuses and buttercups are pushing through the grass and there are daffodils, the very epitome of spring.

All you need when things seem hopeless is a ray of light, however small or short. I enjoyed 2 days of powerful sunshine. It is darker today, colder, but that doesn’t deter me. Spring is coming. I’ve seen it. And it looks good.

And if there's no sun to be seen, you can always rely on a package from your Mum to make you feel better :)

And if there’s no sun to be seen, you can always rely on a package from your Mum to make you feel better 🙂



  1. Looks like some of the chocolate got lost in the post 😉

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