Emma in Euroland

Tea, Cake and Travel: a year abroad in Germany

A tour of the countryside.

The very British part of me insists that I must start this post with a weather update. I am very pleased to say that the snow was rather short lived. By the time I got back from Leipzig it was pretty much gone and we haven’t seen anymore. It has also been warmer since that bitterly cold weekend, but winter has definitely arrived and I can’t leave the flat without my winter coat anymore.

The holidays were long but interesting. Ramona and I had a rather special day out on Wednesday. She is from Magdeburg in Sachsen-Anhalt and relished the opportunity to show me around some of her old haunts. Travelling about by train is great: it’s often faster than by car and I travel for free within Thueringen. However, you don’t get to see those places in between, the small dwellings with character and personality that don’t have to cater for visitors often. Having the chance to travel about with a car and with someone who knows the area was an exciting novelty.

We started with a scene from a fairy tale. It is an old waterwheel and there was a millhouse. I’m sure Hansel and Gretal visited the little cottage at some point in their travels.

A Gingerbread House…

Sunlight through the trees.

A Crooked House

We then went on a wild goose chase for lunch. It was Reformationstag and so there was hardly anything open as we were out in the countryside. We drove around stopping in places for over an gour before finding somewhere suitable but we did stop for some lovely pictures on the way.

The rising sun.


We eventually ended up in Freyburg for lunch and we also popped into a wine cellar where we had Rotkaeppchen where it is made! Rotkaeppchen is German sparkling wine which is local to the area and it was lovely.

Naumberg Dom

We then headed to Naumberg. This is an absolutely beautiful city. It was all cobbled streets and ice cream.

I am told this is a very traditional view.

A view from the cathedral.

Cobbled streets and ice cream.


After we had been to Naumberg, we stopped at the side of the river on our way home and had a short walk. It was really beautiful. The sun was setting and we just enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Groups of people, young and old, were sitting together talking. I enjoy the pace of life here.

A leisurely discussion under the setting sun.

A crisp blue sky.

We had a wonderful day out in the countryside and I’m glad we had postponed it to wait for better weather. Ramona’s enthusiasm was exciting but there were so many things she had said we would do which we didn’t have time for. That’s an excuse for another trip though isn’t it :). I’ll leave you with a view of a hills of Sachsen-Anhalt. I look forward to going back!

Orange light over the vineyards.



  1. Did you go into the cathedral in Naumburg? It is also beautiful inside and there are some very historic statues and other articles displayed there.

    • I did yes! My picture in there weren’t so good so I left them out. It was funny being there on reformationstag and seeing all the Luther things :).

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