Emma in Euroland

Tea, Cake and Travel: a year abroad in Germany

Frankfurt, weight-lifting and unexpected trips away.

The Famous Hammering Man

After a long day yesterday, I’m in Frankfurt! It was weird just how nice it was to arrive here. Even with all my endless baggage, I breathed a sigh of relief as I settled into the familiar journey to Festhalle/Messe. Roger met me at the station and we headed to a lovely Italian for lunch. He gave me the keys to his flat and instructions to get there.

“My flat’s on the 5th floor on the left.” He wrote it down.

“Oh, and there’s no lift.”

Oh God. With luggage that weighs more than my body weight? At least I will burn off all the extra calories I’ve eaten in the past few days. The map I was also given did not exactly display Roger’s best artwork though and I got a little confused once I got to Bockenheim. However, that also turned into a stroke of genius. I had to ask for help from some people and I ended up having a lovely, long conversion in German with two lovely German ladies as they gave me directions. Emma – 1, English – 0!

My sparsely decorated room!

When I did get into Roger’s flat, I realised what he had meant about it being sparsely decorated. He is extremely passionate about getting exactly the right items for his home. This means that essentially the only furniture he has bought so far is a bed and a sofa. As a hoarder, I wouldn’t have been able to resist filling the place with ‘stuff’ by now so I have to respect the guy for sticking to his guns and waiting until he finds exactly what he wants. Either way, it is a beautiful apartment in a great location.

The beautiful park near school.

After having a shower and sorting out my things into what seemed to be some sort of order, I headed into Frankfurt for a walk. In doing this, I ended up walking past my old school. When I was nearly there, I came across a beautiful lake and park with ducks and everything! Why did we only ever turn left out of school? Why did we never wander at all? The naivety of us back then is astonishing. I am determined to make so much more of my time than we did then. I did head into school too yesterday afternoon. It was late so it was eerie and quiet and empty. It was nice to see that the stacks of demountables in the playground were gone and they could use it for football again. The canteen is double the size it used to be as they have got rid of the dividing wall. Other than that, I couldn’t see much difference from before. It was the same school it always was. I’m still undecided as to whether I thnk that’s a good thing or not.

The new canteen!

In the interest of making the most of my time, I am going to Düsseldorf later! Roger’s parents live there and he’s going for the weekend. He invited me to come along and since it is one of the places I wanted to visit while I was here, it seemed silly to turn down the opportunity! It is supposed to be a really lovely city and it will also be nice to spend some time in a family environment. After this weekend, it’s going to be a long time before I have that again.

More than anything, I can’t wait until Tuesday. Ramsey is coming (YAY!) and we are travelling to Erfurt together. Then I will meet my Betreuungslehrer at the station and she is taking us to my accommodation. Finally, I will have somewhere to call my own and make a home out of. Not only that, but Wednesday is Wiedervereinigungstag or Reunification Day for all of you at home. This is a bank holiday in Germany and I’m hoping there will be some festivities going on. It may delay the admin I need to do for a couple of days but it will be nice to do something exciting as soon as I arrive. I feel as though I am already making the most of things. Even though part of me thought going to Frankfurt was a bit of a cop-out, resisting the difficulties of my year abroad for a few more days,  I am having a wonderful time and I feel like there is only more good times to come next week. I went into town earlier to have a familiar wander and got a few things that I needed like an umbrella and a vocab book. It was nice to just wander around and see how things have changed. I was surprised how little had.

Torrential rain. Here’s why I needed an umbrella!

By the sound of everybody else’s first day in school, I have a lot to look forward to, with wine tasting in class, walking up large hills and rather inapropriate invitations to be expected! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated ;).

More German street art. Hauptwache station.



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