Emma in Euroland

Tea, Cake and Travel: a year abroad in Germany

Great Expectations

It’s all coming together now, finally. I have stuffed my backpack with all those clothes which I won’t be devastated about getting totally creased. That backpack seems to simply refuse to weigh 20kg, no matter how much I fill it with or manage to squeeze in. It is my new favourite thing. Although, my centre of gravity shifts significantly when I wear it and I fell flat on my face trying to pick something up the other day. Not so great! Even so, whilst my room still looks like a bomb has hit it (hoping to change that later!), I do feel like I am heading in the right direction. I am going to move all my suitcases out of my room later so that I feel a bit more like I can see the wood for the trees in here. In the interests of enjoying this wonderful country while I still can, later on Ramsey and I are going to the Harry Potter Studios! I am so excited. It has been on my Bucket List ever since it opened and I’m really pleased that we are going to be able to fit it in before I go.

Yesterday, Ramsey and I went into the village to post my friend’s birthday presents and decided to pop into Anglo at the same time. It’s funny to have been away for so long and to just feel so at home still. Ramsey left after year 11, me after year 13 and neither of us have really been back since. School seems such a long time ago now. Even so, everyone was really pleased to see us and Mrs James seems to still be keeping up with almost everyone in our year. The headteachers were eager to find out everything that was going on in our lives but the news they were most surprised about was us being a couple, saying they would never have put us together. We actually got together shortly before I left school, but by then I must have been off their radar. I love that so many people are so surprised. We were part of different circles at school and so people who weren’t good friends with both of us never even knew that we were close. It makes it feel like a precious secret that is only ours. Sometimes it’s nice to challenge an expectation.

Next year I am going to come up against a lot of expectations. Everyone is going to picture me as this stereotypical English girl and I’m not even sure what that is. If they they know anything about the connotations surrounding ‘Essex girls’ I’m not going to start on a particularly good footing. It’s going to be a steep learning curve I’m sure, for them and for me. But I must say: I am so excited.



  1. johnnydouglas

    super blogging Emma, great to track with you in your Euroland adventures!
    much love and prayers from Julie and me,
    Keep on writing! x

    • Thanks Johnny, I’m very excited now but also pretty nervous! Say thank you to Julie for the other week. Everything got sorted very quickly afterwards, but it might not have done had I not had the support that night.

      Lots of love to both of you, xxx

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