Emma in Euroland

Tea, Cake and Travel: a year abroad in Germany

There is method in the madness, I promise…

6 days to go. Ramsey was coming on Thursday. Now he’s coming tomorrow (YAY!) but this means I have quite a lot of packing to get done in a slightly smaller time frame than I had expected. I wanted to get it all done before he arrived so that my last weekend here was just about enjoying our time together. Why is it that any effort to organise or sort things out always has to start with total chaos?! My room currently looks like a bomb’s hit it and I hate that. There are piles of things everywhere which Ramsey will attest to my hatred towards. I lay awake in bed last night unable to concentrate on sleeping with all the thoughts of madness going on in my room. My efforts to tidy it before I went to bed were evidently shortlived. Not only that, but I have begun to think that all the clothes in my suitcase might be better suited to my backpack, hence meaning that I have to pack everything that I have already packed again. It’s not all bad though. I’m sure that most of you will agree that the most difficult thing about packing is not the packing itself, but deciding what to pack. If that is true, I have got the hardest part all done with! Now I have finally decided which clothes to take, I don’t have quite to much to worry about. I do still have to work out how to fit 2 coats into my luggage allowance (yeah, that’s right, Germany gets cold I’ll have you know!).

For now though, I am going to take a relaxing walk up to the village, have my hair cut for the last time and pop into the library on the way back. I’m going to enjoy the autumn Essex sun while I can!



  1. Jacqui

    Hi Emma, Hope you enjoy your last weekend at home for a while (being waited on by mum, fed and watered !!!) I’m sure you will have a great time away and it will make you appreciate all the things at home you take for granted (like mum !!!). I know you will be successful in Germany as you are a very determined (and organised) young lady. Hope to see you at some point or failing that catching up on your blog. Take care (and behave). Lots of love. Jacqui

    • Thank you! I’m gutted we haven’t had the chance to catch up this summer but we’ll have a movie night at Christmas ;). love you lots xx

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