Emma in Euroland

Tea, Cake and Travel: a year abroad in Germany

A week to go…

I have one week to go until I am leaving on my year long German adventure! I have finally reached a point in my preparations where I can pretty much live without anything I haven’t organised already. I hope so anyway! I’ve bought my insurance for the year too. It was only £150 for the whole year and is specifically designed for year abroad students so it seems perfect. I have even sorted out the clothes I’m taking! It’s not quite the capsule wardrobe I had hoped for, but it’s a dramatic reduction in what I could be taking nonetheless!

Having not played my wonderful clarinet in a few years, I got it out last night. It’s funny how you just don’t forget how to do these things. I was able to play it just as I always have. There’s always been something theraputic in it for me and I’m gutted that I have only got it out now, a week before I am leaving for Germany. As you can imagine, it makes quite a lot of noise. Fine when I’m in my bedroom, not so fine when I’m in student halls trying to make friends not enemies. I’ll be sad to have to leave it behind.

I have finally booked my train down from Cologne to Frankfurt. I am travelling with the other assistants on my induction course so it should be quite fun. I have also printed off all my travel documents and organised them into a ‘Travel Document Folder’. How very organised eh?!

It also feels really good to know that my first few weeks in Germany are now completely sorted. I am going to the induction course in Altenberg, then travelling down to Frankfurt and staying with my friends for a few days, then Ramsey is flying in and we are travelling to Erfurt together for my first week. It’s nice to know that in those first few weeks, when there will be so much organisation and admin to do, I will be totally supported. By the time Ramsey leaves, I should be totally settled with a phone and a timetable and Erfurt should be starting to feel like home.

For now though, I am just going to enjoy my last few days in the UK, with the luxuries of having here as home. I’m going to be sad to leave this place, especially as the beauty of autumn is teasingly approaching, my favourite season. But I’ll be back before long, sad to have left all the beauties I shall find in Germany I am sure. I look forward to telling you all about them.


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  1. westlife

    Cant believe you’ve only got 1 week left. Enjoy the last few days. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in Germany. Take care. xxxx

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