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Tea, Cake and Travel: a year abroad in Germany

The Receipt of Good News

Endless Double-Sided PagesYesterday, one day before expected, I received some very good news. I have officially got a First for my second year! This was a massive weight off my mind. If I had got a 2:1 then in order to get a First overall, I would have had to do something spectacular in my final year which is going to be hard enough as it is! Now I can just forget about my second year and concentrate on my year abroad, knowing that I have got the points I need already in the bag. My exam period was dominated by repeated sessions in the library, endless sheets of paper, general misery and a diet consisting of essentially just weetabix and chocolate. I worked really really hard and it is a massive relief to see that that work paid off. Ironically enough, the exam I was most worried about, Economics of the EU, was the one I did best in!

My Results:

German Language: 69 (frustratingly, just one mark more in any one of my disciplines would have made this a first)
German History: 74
Microeconomics: 67
Macroeconomics: 75
Economics of the EU: 78

(For those who are unaware, 40+ = Third (Pass), 50+ = 2:2, 60+ = 2:1 and 70+ = First).

That was not all the good news I received though. Someone who is also going to the region of Germany that I am came across my blog and contacted me. I cannot imagine how, but someone has managed to find some of the other assistants going to Thuringia and has created a facebook group so that we can all get to know each other. We will all be going on the same course before our post and will be quite close together when we actually start work. We are all going through the same things at the moment, coming up against the same problems and seeking answers to the same questions. It’s nice to be able to share some of that burden and getting to know people before we go will certainly make things less daunting.

I have started this week the long winded task of sorting out what I am going to take with me to Germany. Whilst I have been at uni in the past two years, I have seemed to end up with so many things (primarily clothes) that I just didn’t use, despite many efforts to streamline. Evidently, my streamlining was not very successful. My room was a little more cluttered than it would have been, but essentially it didn’t really matter. I didn’t go home infrequently and each time I did I would fill the car with things I didn’t need anymore (and usually bring back far more that I thought I did!). Unfortunately though, I will not have this luxury next year. I won’t be able to take delicate lamps that need to be packaged up in large boxes or endless clothes ‘just in case’. I won’t be able to take my stockpile of toiletries and my precious shoe boxes will have to stay at home. I have 40kg which is quite a lot of space. More pressing a concern though is just how much I am going to be able to carry! Anyone who knows me will know that I am a little short of 5’4″ (although I will usually say that I’m 5’5″, our secret :)) and I’m what most people both affectionately and pityingly describe as petite. Heavy lifting has never been and never will be my forte and fluttering eyelashes only get you so far. As much as my hoarding self hates to say it, practicality is going to have to be the dominant factor in any packing decisions!

So here it begins, against every instinct I am beginning to have the biggest clearout ever. Hopefully I will feel liberated by the end of it and it will make deciding what to take next ever easier. Here’s hoping anyway!



  1. Jacqui Skudder

    Well done on your results – knew all the hard work would pay off – hope to see you soon. Love Jacqui

    • Thank you! I meant to text you yesterday. It was your good luck card that did it I’m sure! :). We must have another girlie night soon :D. xxx

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